Contrary to certain beliefs, not all open shop companies are incapable of handling large projects. Merit based shops such as Strong Tower are capable of handling jobs of various size, and can simultaneously handle a host of projects. Obviously, the main advantage we employ over most closed shop outfits is the bottom line - cost. To be quite clear, our cost advantage is not gained by lack of training programs, hiring the undocumented, or taking shortcuts in safety or quality. Our cost advantage is simply achieved by innovative labor management techniques, and the complete eradication of inflexible job classifications, and antiquated labor rules. Strong Tower Carpentry is proud to operate independently and freely in the NYC and Westchester construction market. For those seeking our services, all inquiries will be kept confidential. 

Who owns Strong Tower Carpentry, LLC?

Strong Tower Carpentry is an individually owned hispanic minority business enterprise. Our owner operates independently with no partnerships, whether silent or actual, with no teaming or JV's. He has over 26 years of new commercial residential NYC hi-rise construction experience under his belt.

Does Strong Tower "sub out" any of its work?

Strong Tower self performs its own work. We do not see any value in overseeing a sub's work, or putting a GC through the extra hassle of chasing around a sub's insurance policy. 

What type of work does Strong Tower specialize in?

Strong Tower Carpentry specializes in new commercial residential hi-rise rental and condos, and hotels. We offer drywall and carpentry services including, but not limited to: temporary protection, metal framing, drywall partitions and ceilings, acoustical ceilings, wood trim work, kitchen installations, and bathroom accessory installations.

What MBE certifications does Strong Tower Carpentry hold currently (November 2021) ?

New York City -  Small Business Services

New York State - Empire State Development

The Port Authority of NY and NJ

The State of New Jersey

Nassau County, New York