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Welcome to Strong Tower Carpentry, LLC, where our commitment to excellence is backed by the seasoned expertise of our sole owner and founder, Henry Dorschug. Prior to establishing Strong Tower in 2018, Henry served as a NYC District Council of Carpenter's General Foreman. With a rich history in the NYC construction sector dating back to 1986, Henry's leadership has been instrumental in the successful completion of multiple high-rise residential apartment projects for various owner-builders and general contractors. Strong Tower Carpentry embodies Henry's wealth of experience, and his vision and dedication to quality craftsmanship at affordable pricing.


Strong Tower takes pride in championing the significant advantage of offering authentic equal opportunity employment to the local markets we serve. Our merit-based systems are meticulously designed to assess and reward individuals based on their skills, qualifications, and performance. This deliberate approach creates an environment where every individual, regardless of their background, enjoys a fair and equitable chance to succeed.


At Strong Tower, we actively promote inclusivity, firmly believing that a diverse workforce not only fortifies our organization, but also makes meaningful contributions to the broader community and industry. This commitment to diversity aligns with our core principles. To exemplify this dedication, Henry, a naturalized Cuban-American citizen, maintains Strong Tower Carpentry as an active Minority Business Enterprise (MBE). He holds MBE certificates from: New York State - Empire State Development Corp; New York City - Small Business Services; The Port Authority of NY/NJ; and Nassau County, Long Island, NY.


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